In April of 2007, Dometic and Norcold, the two largest RV refrigerator manufacturers in the Industry, issued a

nationwide recall on units manufactured from 1987 to 2003. Dometic has been extended their recall through

2006 models and Norcold has added 17 models to theirs. The problem is rooted in the boiler area of the

refrigerator cooling unit; located on the bottom right-hand corner in the back of the units. A safety defect has

allowed for a slow leak of coolant; the chemical compounds are highly flammable. This area is just inches away

from the flame in gas powered units. This could result in a fire hazard. There are over 2 million units on recall in

circulation. The defect has been responsible for a number of fires throughout the U.S. Consumers should check

every three months for recall updates for the next few years as a safety precaution. Shelburne RV Refrigeration

has qualified technicians to install the recall parts which are in stock all the time for a quick turnaround. Contact

Mr. Sid for more info.

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